Re: Probe repair parts?


Stefan –

I have two that I don’t need. ID is about 0.19” (4.85-ish mm). If that’s the right size, you can have them.



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The probes are sold by so many sources I would not know which to suggest, but none of them offers spare parts.
I've seen this type of construction under a lot of different names, like "Texas" and "HP" and others that might not nearly infringe on trademarks and as a result are less memorable. But I could not identify the actual source of the design (or at least the original model from which it was copied).

Personally I like the PMK or Lecroy probes which use standard pogo pins for tips, or Testec probes which use a screw-in tip (M2 thread I think).


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How about a company name to order from.  Many of us use these type probs with the same problems.  Thanks  AF4UG

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