Re: 5103 Mainframe HV PS help

Paul Amaranth

As Tom pointed out to me, the choke is in series with a DC blocking
cap (.22 uF 50V ceramic), so it is hard to see how enough
current could flow to burn out the choke if the cap was OK.
I measured the cap, and it looked ok, but that's with a low voltage
cap meter and not in circuit. Easier to replace it now than
have to pull that board out again once it's back together.

At least one of the fuses in the low voltage PS had popped as well.

On Thu, Dec 30, 2010 at 05:49:42PM -0000, Ed Breya wrote:
I'm not familiar with the 5103, but didn't you report earlier that the output Q had shorted and taken out the other parts? If this L was a series filter to the stage, it could have burned out from the overload - it probably would not have been rated for much more than its normal load current - maybe even intended to act as a fuse. Ed

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Now that's a good question. Chokes don't usually fail spontaneously.
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