5103 Mainframe HV PS help

Paul Amaranth

I'm trying to repair the HV section on my 5103n and I've run
into a bit of a problem.

The power transistor had shorted out and took out a few other
components. I crossed the 151-0256-00 to an NTE-94 which
seems to be an identical match from the data sheets.

However, I also have a couple of shorted diodes. One, a
152-0141-02 crosses to a 1n4152, so that's fine. The
other one is a bit of a puzzle. From the schematic it
looks like a 9.1V zener and is called out as VR258.

In the scan of the manual I have, I do not have any
listings for VR numbers. After all of the transistors,
there are a few resistors and that's it.

There's no readable marking on the part.

Anyone have a clue what the part number is?

This is for sn <= SN119999 from a 5110 manual.

Failing any other leads, I'll just try a 1w 9.1v zener.

Also, anyone have a source for a 74uH axial choke? The one
in the PS failed open.

Paul Amaranth, GCIH | Rochester MI, USA
Aurora Group, Inc. | Security, Systems & Software
paul@... | Unix & Windows

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