Re: Audiophile "spam"

John Miles <jmiles@...>

As far as the audio thing . i think some of it a bit
extreme....seems like
many of the audiophiles feel that the money that is spent on the
and wiring the better the sound will be.
The best comment I've ever heard on the subject (although it's somewhat
flamebait-ish): Music fans listen to the music. Audiophiles listen to the

I remember seeing an article a few years ago ....think in wireless
world......and the author of the article tested many speaker cables for
several characteristics.....and found that an extension cord with
ends cut
off measured up the best. :)
Bob Pease at National Semiconductor, a man known for his horse sense, gave
the issue some thought at one point. If I remember correctly, he concluded
that the best-possible speaker cable would be a computer-style ribbon cable
with alternating conductors tied together to form a 2-conductor Litz-style

Sorry this is a bit off topic too....however, think that is part
of fun of
this group, relating some of each of our unique background in electronics
Agreed 100%. Tek scopes *do* have uses besides troubleshooting other Tek
scopes. :)

-- john KE5FX

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