Audiophile "spam"


The only thing more irritating to read on this board than the occasional porno-spammer is the group of participants that find it necessary to spend whole threads making jokes about audiophiles. An informative discussion re: black beauty caps and the comment that Stan sold them to some audiophile starts the whole yuk yuk about oxygen free copper yuk yuk etc. etc. I feel like I'm on a board with a bunch of old retired deaf guys debating if there there really is such a thing as sound.

The post re: the whining capacitors in an industrial application is an example that there are often effects that can be heard by those who have a practiced ear, but the scientific explanation for what is being heard is lagging far behind. To discount out of hand that the differences being heard are imagined or not there is really just as unscientific as many of the marketing types who have devised ways of parting music lovers and their money.
It would be a lot more fun in this group if we were to stick to scopes and other stuff which the majority in this group have real knowledge to share.

I will now duck and cover.

Steve Hogan

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