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ken chalfant

I see value in a scope that is repairable.  When I was starting out virtually everything was repairable (yes with tubes) unless it was military gear and the power transformer was fried.  But I sure learned a lot buying broken equipment which I had to repair before I could use.  I know - its a different world - but there is still value in basic trouble-shooting skills.

I might make one other suggestion.

When you look through eBay you'll notice that most older logic analyzers don't sell at all or if they do not for very much.  If this student is interested in digital logic and is going to start hooking glue and counters and such together if you could find an old HP 1610 or 1630 that had pods and grippers for a few bucks that would (IMHO) be a fantastic learning tool.

I just hope there's a bright future in America for him and all the young people who are technically inclined!


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Thinking about picking up a used scope for a highly motivated and brilliant youngster.
Where budget is a consideration the 2245A is a great choice. 100mHz, 2+2 ch, GREAT user interface, readouts for basics only.
I found the readouts to be a great learning aid, kinda like a practice test allowing a student to compare his own observations with an accurate reference - RIGHT NOW - which is HUGE for the current crop of humanoids. Attention spans have become much shorter since the days of Eico kit scopes.
Have fun - wish my daughter were interested...
Bernd Schroder

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