Re: Using Curve tracer

Ed Breya

I know what you mean about trying to use and test unknown/unspec'd power inductors. I was planning to build a special fixture with a MOSFET-based variable current source to look at saturation while measuring with the HP4276A. I can send some info on the project, but don't have a finished design yet - just a partial prototype. There is an HP/Yokogawa fixture for this - I can't remember the model number off-hand - but it is quite complicated, and way more than I would want to acquire or duplicate.


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Hi Ed,

Thanks for the info. I have build several simple smps's (buck and boost
converters) but the problem most times is the inductor. I can measure
inductance, Q, R+jx, selfresonance you name it. But the problem is I
have a box full of unknown inductors and some work and others do not
because they saturate. And that is what I want to measure.

I made a small saturation tester for it but then I thought it would be
nice to have the current on the Y axis and Volt on the X axis but while
designing that I read about the curvetracer discussion and had an Eureka
moment. That must be able to do that too I think. I normaly just try it
instead of asking but I do not know if the measure-circuit of my tracer
likes inductive loads. And I'm very carefull with my nice Tek.

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