Re: Seek Horz mode switch for R7704

zenith5106 <zenith@...>

--- In, "Jeff W" <vwthingy@c...> wrote:
Hi all,

I'm fixing a R7704 that is in need of a replacement horz mode
switch. It is stuck on "B", and even if you pull out the B switch,
internally it will not switch. (I shudder when I think about
it apart, what with the grain 'o wheat bulbs, plastic welds, etc).

Tek P/N is 670-1330-00. I don't know if it is special to the R7704
checked my 7904 switch, and it looks physically similar but is
different P/N)

Anyone have a swtich they'd be wiling to part with?


It's not a big deal to take it apart. If you cut around the plastic
welds and leave as much as possible of the plastic you will be able
to seal it again (once) with a soldering iron. The problem may be if
there is a broken switch inside.

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