TeK 453 Scope Questions Please Help?

jonkzak <jonkzak@...>


I've just received my used 453 and when I turned it on The only way
to get a trace is to hold the trace find button down and then the
trace is very small located on the right side of the screen. I did
open the covers and just looked around to see if anything looked
burned etc. I did notice this effect. When I toggle the on/off
switch to 'on' there is a lamp located on the bottom pc board that
will flash on then off and stays off. Turning the on/off switch
to 'off' will also flash this lamp. I don't know if this is normal
or not. Also all other pilots on the front of the scope function as
normal. The small trace does seem to look correct using the
calibrate signal as input. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
I'm sure that this has been covered but my search has not resulted in
any hits.

Best Regards,


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