Re: Big Cap for 465M

Miroslav Pokorni

Those holes for big tabs found on electrolytics get heated quite a bit
during cap removal and mechanically abused. Chances are more than 50% that
feed-through hole will break. I would say, adding a jumper is a good
defensive measure.


Miroslav Pokorni

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In this case I had to add a jumper and BTW it was the second jumper
added....from a previous repair someone added a jumper where another can
been substituted by a new smaller one....but back to the pcb...maybe these
are not from one side to the other but definitely required....

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2) When subbing for a old metal cap be sure to put in any required
from the vacated solder points. Those tek guys used the cap cans to get
one side of the board to the other.

Unless they are damaged in the removal process the holes in the ECBs are
"through-hole plated" and shouldn't need any help with jumpers. It's an
expectation that they are connecting one side to the other and if not,
something has happened to them. Not a criticism but a FYI.

Rolynn Tek Bvtn & Sunset 1966-1971


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