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Thank you

I went ahead and found a replacement from digikey for about $5 + S&H. The
neat thing about it was

1) I got a 105C cap
2) its allot smaller so I think it should last longer being farther away
from any warm things in there.
3) it was pretty easy to solder in

Things to look out for

1) those darn horizontal and vertical "plugs" underneath that coil of coax
on the vertical amp board...who designed that blasted layout!?! Jesus, what
a pain!!! one broke off....the manual does not jump out and tell you
exactly where those plugs are located...resoldering was abit inconvenient

2) When subbing for a old metal cap be sure to put in any required jumpers
from the vacated solder points. Those tek guys used the cap cans to get from
one side of the board to the other.

Bottom line

$50 for the scope from ebay
$6 for an OK CD manual.....impossible to read test voltages
$5 for a new cap
$70 for a pair of 10x probes from Master Probe ( I paid more for the probes
than the scope <G>)
It all works great!!!!!

Many thanks to those I contacted regarding where to look

Bill Brobeck

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Hi Bill,

I found a replacement 290-0508-01 in my salvaged stuff for you. I measured
the C and it is OK but I do not have a setup to measure ESR. I have no
reason to think it is not good, however. Since this cap is the same Tek
part number you need, I am sure it will fit. You can have it for $5 plus
shipping. Let me know your shipping address and I can send you a quote
that includes shipping and payment instructions.


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I believe the big 18,000mf cap is bad on my 465m scope. The part number is
290-0508-01. I'm looking for a NEW one since getting into it is going to
a bear!. Can anyone direct me to a generic part number. Digi-Key offers
of 18,000 mf caps, but I don't know which kind to get.


Bill Brobeck

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