Re: 7613 HV problem

Brad Hernlem


I have one of those scopes. When I acquired it the HV section was
non-functional and in partial disassembly. After first thinking that
the big oscillator transistor was bad and after replacing the HV
rectifier, I discovered that the real problem (probably) was that the
HV cap was leaky and had to be replaced. The scope has been running
for several years (although I don't work it too hard). I'll have a
look at my manual and see how your parts difficulties compare to what
I observed.

Also, my 7613 has no readout board (I would LIKE one if anyone has
one, BTW ... hint, hint) and so, YES, the scope can run just fine
without it. My scope is USAF surplus and I think was originally
configured as a spectrum analyzer (hence, no readout board, has log
scaled graticule, &c.).


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I don't recall seeing a response to this one. I checked the
Summary to see if failures of these parts are common and fixed by some
change in the 7613. Sorry, no luck there . . . I don't really have any
other suggestions for you but I thought you would want to know that I
researched for you anyway . . .

Sorry about the long delay. I'm swamped!


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I need a little help here and throw my open question out to the
group. I
have a 7613 that continues to blow the HV regulator transistor,
Q1314, and
diode CR1215 (from the collector of Q1314 to ground). The switching
transistors Q1216, Q1218 are fine, and the rectifiers test OK. How
can I
about isolating the problem; also, can the scope operate with the
system board disconnected.


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