Re: What's the best manual? / Microfiche


For myself I basically encounter two different situations:

I buy one Tek instrument together with the manual
which intially accompanied it. (A rare case because
mostly you get only the bare instrument with all
accessories gone) No problem here because I have
the right manual with it.

I buy single instruments, whole batches, or
receive an instrument for repair (all without
manual). The only clue then is the serial number
and so I need my own manual collection or some
kind of digest to find info on that particular
serial number.

It seems that the only *real* way is to have all
microfiche at hand and so have the complete
modification information (...what about Guernsey,
Heerenveen, Tek England & Israel and so on?)

I also have the impression that microfiche info
only ranges into the 1990s years but for all
the 'new' instruments after that time there is no
information available (to the 'public') compared
to what was on microfiche.

Does anyone know if there are printed versions of
the modification information? (e.g. assorted by Type
and serial number range)

Best regards

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<w7ni@e...> wrote:
Tek no longer sells microfiche individually or by subscription.
They MAY
have kept one set for their own use . . . and they may have tossed
the LAST
set into the dumpster . . .

Tek Service Centers used microfiche and I don't know of any of them
that had...


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