Re: Tek 310 and Looking for Advice

stan mcintosh <mcintosh@...>

With respect to ripple measurements, all I can say is oops. I was measuring with a true RMS meter, but my results were thus off by a factor of 2.8. So, the +300 and -150 are within the 10 mV spec, but just barely. The +100... well, seeing as it's under 60 volts, I'm not sure it counts.

I'll check the resistors. I'm starting to really suspect that one has drifted, or something has drifted, based on my 5651 results. All of the tubes I tried were NOS, warfare-grade tubes. I'm wondering if the circuit is off and the tube is not being fed properly.

As another thought, I may break out the +300V supply to -150, and feed from an outboard source. Well, this depends on whether the resistor hunt turns up anything. A 300V source indepenent of the -150 should help bless or curse the -150, right?

Thanks for the suggestions, Stan G.; I'm going to work my way through them. I'm grateful for this group. Without it, this scope wouldn't have had a chance.


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