Re: need IC

Craig Sawyers <c.sawyers@...>

Standard low power TTL, yes. However, very obscure part; single J-K
flip flop. Out of production by the majors. So Digikey, Mouser, and
the like will not have it. Suggest you go to the surplus houses
looking for it.
Or do what I've done in the past to replace an obsolete TTL part - shoehorn
in a modern part. If it is a JK, use instead a dual JK such as an LS73.
Solder or plug in power and ground, then cross wire the other pins into the
original '72 connections. Might have to be careful with preset and clear
connections - but beyond that it should be possible to stitch something
together that works.

Last thing I resurrected this way was my HP5328A counter.


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