Re: need IC

Jeff W <vwthingy@...>

Standard low power TTL, yes. However, very obscure part; single J-K
flip flop. Out of production by the majors. So Digikey, Mouser, and
the like will not have it. Suggest you go to the surplus houses
looking for it.

You may have more luck with the straight SN7472N part. I doubt that
it will affect the operation of the circuit; you should check it out
to be sure.

I know the local surplus place here in San Diego, Gateway, carries
the SN7472N, but not the L version.


Robert Morein wrote:
THe part number is standard low power TTL.
Possibly Digikey.

I am having a problem finding a replacement IC for a Tektronix
212 scope.
The Tek part
number is 156-0280-00 and the MFR part number is SN74L72N. Does
anyone have
one or know where I can get this part?

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