Re: Recapping a Tek 465

Paul Amaranth

Well yes, but I don't plan on operating them at 85C. I was
a little constrained by what was in stock at Digikey or Mouser.

There were a few available at 3-4K hours at 105C.

Destruction of a cap is a complicated electrochemical event. But, to
a first approximation, you can probably use the rule of thumb for
chemical reactions (double for every 10C rise in temp, or halve
for every 10C decrease). That would be around 64K hours at 35C.
That has to be over-optimistic, but I doubt if I'll have to
worry about them for a while.

Still, if I had run across the Rubycons I probably would have
bought them.

On Fri, Nov 19, 2010 at 07:39:08AM +0100, Stefan Trethan wrote:
Come on, longlife? 2000h is not a longlife cap.
8 or 10000h at 105C is what I consider a decent life.
1000h is about the shortest they specify.

Of course using a higher temp cap dramatically increases your hours in
the same environment.

It used to be tricky to find really small can electrolytics with more
than 2000h, but Rubycon YXM now specify 10000h in a 5x11mm can. I'm
really curious if they really last that long, ought to start testing
them now to get an answer by 2012.


On Thu, Nov 18, 2010 at 11:43 PM, Paul Amaranth <paul@...> wrote:
?I used long life ( >2000 hrs
at 85C) caps. ?Worked great
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