Recapping a Tek 465

Paul Amaranth

I picked up a nice Tek 465/DM40 the other week that had an open
cap in the -8V supply. I ended up replacing that one and
one in the 50V supply since I could get to them without
tearing half the scope apart.

I ended up making some adpater boards that accepted the
common snap-in caps with 10mm lead spacing which allowed
them to plug in directly to the Tek circuit board.
No hardwired jumpers needed. I used long life ( >2000 hrs
at 85C) caps. Worked great.

Got replacements for the other 3, but I'll hold off tearing
it apart until one of them opens up.

It also had a suspect solder joint or two in the DM40 along
with a loose transistor that drove me crazy for a bit. Nice
and stable now.

Next up: that 7904 that's been under my bench for ages.

Paul Amaranth, GCIH | Rochester MI, USA
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