Tek 310 and Looking for Advice

stan mcintosh <mcintosh@...>

Last week, I got the last of the finishing touches complete on the power supply section. All voltages from the rectifiers, dropping resistors, and caps are within 3% of spec. The Black Beauties and old electrolytics are also gone. However, this is a good news/bad news situation.

The good news is that I now feel confident that the selenium rectifiers, Black Beauties, and old electrolytics are not causing trouble. The bad news is that the voltages are still pretty far off, in the same manner as before I started. the -150 is now around -140, +100 is about +60, and +300 is around +260.

What do the sages advise? Should I disconnect and load-test the regulated supplies to see if they are possibly just being overloaded by a faulty circuit? If so, what current would the sages recommend? Or, should I go through disconnecting and reconnecting circuits until I find the one that is throwing the system off-balance? What do the sages say?

I know that this is not a high-performance scope, but it has character, and I would like to make it part of my bench.



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