Slow control response on TDS724, was Re: TDS640A



All the TDS series front panel have CPU and some aluminium SMD
capacitors. In the last TDS540 which i repaired, the front panel PCB
was damaged by leakage from the bad capacitors.
You can disassemble the scope, desolder all the electrolytics, wash
the PCB firmly (i think, Simple Green sells in your country, i used
Fairy dishwash and a toothbrush), close look to the damaged areas,
repair them if needed and solder new capacitors.

And repeat the process for all the PCBs: Processor, Acquisition,
Powersupply and Video.
Replace all the electrolytic capacitors and wash the PCB with Simple
Green and toothbrush. Then close look and repair.

Is the first thing for all the TDS5xx, 6xx and 7xx oscylloscopes.



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