DP501/DC503A/TR503 combo ok?


Hello all,

I have a DP501 prescaler, plus a TR503 tracking generator for use with a 496
spectrum analyzer. I understand that a DC503A is one counter that will hook
up to a DP501, and with logic signals routed through the TM500 rear
interface, allow the counter to read the correct 16x prescaled input

I also understand that the DP501 will hook up to a TR502 (the TG meant for
the 7Lxx series) also using the rear interface (so that no front panel
cabling is needed).

I further find that the DC508A opt 007 (I think that was the option
number--maybe I'm thinking of His Majesty's Secret Service) counter was the
one typically used with the TR503 tracking generator. Unfortunately, I been
able to get a DC508A yet.

I have a shot at getting a DC503A. Which brings me to my question:

I am unclear from reading my manuals whether the DP501/DC503A/TR503 will all
sing together properly, and by using only the rear edge card interface of my
TM506A to link them together.

Any clarification here greatly appreciated.

Beaverton, OR

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