avoid DOS 4.anything, it was very buggy! Use 3.01 onwards, or 5.anything - the MS-DOS 4 variants were notorious in there time.
v5 is probably the best, v6 has lots of additional features, but I doubt you will need them (they support the earlier versions of windows, and some networking protocols)
Jim (who still has a machine running DOS 5 and Windows 3.11 connected to his network)

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Subject: [TekScopes] OT MS-DOS 4

Apologies for the OT!
I'm trying to use an old PC as a test bed for a logic analyser.  It has a french version of MS-DOS 4.01 which I would like to change.  It will not boot from my 6.22 version so I am looking for a english version of 4.01
Does anyone still have a copy that they could email me please.  It was originally on 2 floppy disks of 1.44MB.

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