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Don't know if DR DOS is an option for you:

I was also recently in a similar situation, and could not find an MS DOS disk set.  In my case though, the software required ver 6.22, and the latest version of DR DOS (7.01.08) worked fine for me.

Dave S.

From: Steve A
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Subject: [TekScopes] OT MS-DOS 4


Apologies for the OT!
I'm trying to use an old PC as a test bed for a logic analyser.  It has a french version of MS-DOS 4.01 which I would like to change.  It will not boot from my 6.22 version so I am looking for a english version of 4.01
Does anyone still have a copy that they could email me please.  It was originally on 2 floppy disks of 1.44MB.

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