Robert Simpson

 If you can get it uploaded anywhere someone in this group can then also put a copy in one of the Tek libraries owned by group members which last a lot longer than the site you mentioned.

--- On Sat, 8/28/10, Dean wrote:

From: Dean
Subject: [TekScopes] UPLOADING FILES -- HOW?
To: TekScopes@...
Date: Saturday, August 28, 2010, 8:23 PM

OK. I may have to surrender. After offering to scan and send out via e-mail the material for AX-3557 regarding the TM500 Power Module Testing Fixture (see ), I was deluged with requests. That's a good thing. The bad thing is that I merged the files, one a virgin copy of AX-3557 and the other the notes for the modification and construction and together it's about 6MB, which is too big for some e-mail systems. With 29 requests and counting, I need a better, more accessible method, which suggests uploading.

So, the question is (remembering that I hate computers and don't have a clue about where, how, when, who, etc.) (1) where to I safely upload the files to AND (2) how is this accomplished? The files are in two 3MB .pdf files or upwards of 18 or so .jpg files, each maybe 700KB or so. Understand that one site where I've been posting longer tutorials on electronics has gone belly-up. I'd like to see a bit more permanance than that!


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