Re: TM 500 Power Module Tester


Hello Dean,

let me thank you in anticipation for all your care when working on this adapter and for putting all the material together.

Please can you add me to the email-list: magnustoelle AT



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I have 13 e-mails so far requesting the construction note and other documentation for the power module tester. I need to scan the material and will convert it all to one .pdf file and send it out via return e-mail. If any of you care to post the information somewhere on the Web, that's fine, but please credit Tek for the construction note and circuit design and me for the modification and extra documention. Thanks!

I started replying to individuals and realized that it was using up a lot of time. Rather than that, here's the names of those who requested the material. If you name is not there and it should have been, e-mail me. If you haven't requested the info yet and want to, e-mail me. Thanks.

Those on my list who will receive a copy of the material:

George Plhak
Gerhard Kupka
Christopher Hilton-Johnson
James Guthrie
Steve Goldstein
John Byers
Christian Servais
Paul Clas
Joe Nixie
Glenn Little
Lee Vogt
Dave Sarafian

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