Re: How to disassemble Tek 2236 ? ... for A1 mainboard HV section


Thank you very much! ...Section 6 of the Service Manual :-)
Thanks to David and Tom (by e-mail)

I disassembled the CTM and power-supply shield circuit and now I have access to the focus circuit.

Do you have any suggestions for me to fix the problem? ...or some experience... or some particular topics on this board or related link to webpage/blog ?...

I noticed that when the instrument is power-on there are also "whistler" capacitors in these circuit parts (how can I identify whistling capacitors to replace?)

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I have an old Tektronix 2236 with a focus problems.
Here, at link below, as you can see, the focus potentiometer is fully counterclockwise and the trace is blur:

Can you give me any aid?
And how to disassemble the circuit parts to have access in focus-circuit (R892, C893, Q885, etc.) in A1 main board ???

Thanks everyone!

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