Re: RM503 - The story continues.

Denton, Adam (Exchange)

Hey, I think that's a great idea, esp. since the original
6.3V is working (just not sufficiently insulated).
I will probably have to use more turns than are on it now
because the reactance will be too low to apply to a secondary.
(for example, if we have say a 120V : 6V transformer, the
turns ratio is 20:1. This means the reactances are 400:1,
so applying 6V to the secondary "as is" will result in
a 20-fold increase in the (so-called "magnetizing current")
VAR thru the 'former unloaded. However your general approach
makes a lot of sense -- in fact I think I'm sold!! I will
maybe strip all off and wind 2 new secondaries (well I guess
one will be primary ;-) ) both with more turns than the existing
sec but fewer than the existing 120V primary. Good thinking!

<<It might be easier to use the original 6.3 main xfmr winding to drive a
separate 1:1 special (put a few extra turns on the secondary-always handy!)
that you rewind on an old fil xfmr core---it will have only a few turns on
both windings and it should be much easier to keep 'em well insulated from
each other.
Dave Brown
Christchurch, NZ>>

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