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Craig Sawyers <c.sawyers@...>

This is a cathode follower probe, intended for the 1S1 sampling plug-in. It
is good from DC to 850MHz, but goes beyond that. Depending on attenuator
head, it has a loading of 1.3pF (1000x) to 3.6pF (10x) in parallel with
10M. Load resistance at the GR connector is 50 ohms.

Look upon it as a big FET probe, and you will not be far wrong.

The power connector interfaces with a socket on the front of the 1S1, and
needs the following voltages:

A - ground
B, C - 12.6V at 180mA
D - +100V

These probes give a very clean response - I'll send you a picture of what
they are capable of.


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Does anybody have any infomation on this probe?
It is a cathode follower type and has a GR connector for the signal
and a small four pin plug for power.
It does not appear on the list.

Regards: John F.

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