Re: Tek 310: 10Ω dropping resistors for diode bridges

Carl E. Davidson <carlhpretired@...>

10 ohm 1 Watt resistors are all that's needed here (this is what
Tektronix used in the later model 310A that had silicon diode
rectifiers). The purpose of these resistors is to limit the
surge current through the rectifier diodes when power is first
applied (when the filter capacitors essentially represent a
short circuit for the first few milliseconds).


--- In, "stan mcintosh" <mcintosh@t...> wrote:
Several people have emphasized that I need to be sure to include
10Ω dropping resistors for the silicon diode bridges that are
replacing the selenium bridges.

Question: what wattage? Seems like 10W will be good for the -150
line, but I don't have more than one 10Ω/10W resistor in le boxe du
junque. Is 10W overkill for the other two bridges? If not, I can go
by and see if Radio Shack still carries them.


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