Re: The Tek vs. Lavoie etc. Lawsuit

Miroslav Pokorni

I believe that law suite was filed against Federal Goverment, not Lavoie or
others. As I remember the story, goverment gave Tektronix' scope to
prospective competitors and asked them to make a copy and quote production
price. Intent was to get an instrument at the cost lower than what Tektronix
was charging.

I just wander if that was an idea of a predecessor of McNamara's 'wiz kids'.
Such a disregard for laws, not to talk about ethics.


Miroslav Pokorni

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I have looked through the archives for information on the big scope
lawsuit, but did not see dates for when the offending scopes appeared
or when the suit was filed. I am just curious.

I have a Lavoie TS-239/UP in working order, with the government
property tag still fixed to the front. It was apparently kept at
Redstone Arsenal. Actually, I was surprised with the ease of
getting/keeping it going, and I was impressed at the features given
the time period. The frame has a JAN inspection date of 1950. Was
Lavoie just a good company gone bad?



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