Re: 453 CRT vs 336 CRT

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Hello Alberto,

First, the 336 is 14.6 inches long and the 453 is considerably longer: 20.5
inches. This is not including the handle that can stick out the front.

Size is more important here than you may think. The major thing determining
the length of a scope cabinet is the length of the CRT. So, without really
looking, I would say the 453 CRT is a lot longer than the 336 CRT. Even if
they WERE the same length, the chance that a 336 CRT would work in a 453 is
very slight. There are just too many major differences between those


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I know that 99% the answer will be NO, but asking costs nothing...

<<Can the CRT of the 453 be used in the 336 scope ?>>

Judging from the exterior they are the same size, but size is
hardly the fundamental parameter (albeit an important one...)


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