310 Scope Progress

mcinsand <mcintosh@...>

I do have *some* excuse for not getting more done in the past couple
of weeks, starting with four kids and a fairly challenging job. But,

I removed the 5 selenium rectifier stacks tonight and further refined
my awe of the Tek engineers. Over the years, I have removed several
components where the assemblers apparently felt a need to tie off the
wire lead in a square-½hitch-doubleback-hangman's knot prior to
soldering. I hate wrestling with the juggling act of soldering
braid, wire tugging, and link-by-link snipping. The guys at Tek made
sure I had none of this to deal with, though. The wires just made a
simple poke through the selenium stack eyelets prior to soldering,
and that was that.

I did manage to think before removing components, though, and I
snapped a picture of the unmodified power supply section. This one
certainly looks original. With 1N4007's and newer electrolytics, the
empty volume should help with air circulation, huh?

I hope you guys are having a great weekend.


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