Arnoud van der Wel <A.P.vanderWel@...>

About the 453....

'Great' is said with a wink to size and weight... The 453 is not a 'great'
scope. :)

Secondly, I specifically did not want to include transistorized Tek scopes
in the museum because the interest in those is even larger than the interest
in the tube scopes. Doing a question-and-answer session with all the
thousands of happy users of 5000, 7000, 453, 454, 465, 475, 485 users around
the world is not what I set out to do...

But of course.... If I had a 453, it would not be for sale... :)



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Hi again all... :)

Sometime on Mon, 02 Oct 2000, you wrote:

margo.student.utwente.nl has the IP address

Thanks for that. Looks like it was a nameserver problem
after all... Great
pages, but I take issue with your comment that the 453
"doesn't belong in the
list of the great tek scopes..." The 453 was my scope of
choice as soon as I
could get my hands on it! And the first thing I did was
throw away the mesh
filter and fit a blue one. Lovely! :)

In my mind, the 453 is the "classic portable" oscilloscope.


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