Re: Emailing: tekCopyrightRelease.pdf

Peter Gottlieb <hpnpilot@...>

Not only is it not very nice, but it's this kind of trouble that causes attorneys to not want to do any favors for groups like us.

David DiGiacomo wrote:

I believe that Tek DID release the copyrights on Concept Books, but I would like to see it posted on Tek�s web site. It may actually BE there but I can�t find it. Yes, I did call Tom Lenihan (Tek�c copyright attorney) to ask him where I can find the info on Tek�s site and he does not return my calls.
Well, Tom Lenihan didn't post it on the Tek web site, he emailed it to
me (and I believe to everyone else who had asked him about the
subject). Are you really claiming that I forged the copy on my web
site? That's not very nice of you.

He probably sent a copy to you as well. Have you looked in your old email?


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