Re: Tek 2432 failing self test

David C. Partridge <david.partridge@...>

The CCDs are the crucial Fast In Slow Out portion of the main sampling
circuit and yes CCD does stand for charge coupled device.

The PA failure points to the Pre-Amp, but is often a secondary result of CCD

I had to scrap a 2430A not long back with both CCDs failed :-(. Luckily, I
only lost about $120 on that deal. I have *all* PCBs available for it
*except* the main acquisition board (I do have the attenuators) if anyone
needs them. I also have the tube, which ISTR also fits 2465, 2465A, and

If it still fails self test after sitting at a comfortable room temperature
(say 20C to 25C) for 24 hours, then I think you have a problem (though it
may just be the CCD driver circuits if you are *really* lucky). Are both
CCDs failing (dig down in the diagnostics) or just one?

I don't recollect seeing downloadable service manuals for either the 2432 or
the 2440.


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Hi Jayw,

Thanks for your response.. I know tek used hybrids in alot of scopes, what
part of the ckt are these CCD's used in, and what does the CCD stand for,
charge coupled device?


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Hi Ryan,

These scopes had a high failure rate in the CCD hybrids. It is
likely that on or both are defective. You can determine which using the
extended service diagnostics. (Or looking at their output with a working

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> Hi all,
> I have acquired a Tek 2432 scope that fails self test upon power
up. I'm warming it up in hopes it will pass then but so far it has failures
on the 7000 CCD, 8000 PA, 9000 Trig.
> I have not been able to find a manual online from the usual free
places... Anyone got any quick ideas how to resolve these self test errors?
> Thanks,
> Ryan

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