Re: tek 7104 scope with crt defect broken filament

Ryan Scott

HI All,
I just acquired a 7104 main frame with a broken CRT.  The CRT broke while it was shipped to the cal lab.  The scope was working before the CRT broke.  I just learned about the special CRT in this one when I acquired it.  It was scrapped from my employer and it followed me home. 
So I have a complete main frame.  I can not sell the entire unit since it was supposed to be destroyed.  But I was advised I could part it out and sell the boards.
If anyone has a need for some of the boards in this one, contact me off list with an offer.
Thanks and regards,
Ryan N7QJ

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From: victor.silva
Subject: [TekScopes] Re:tek 7104 scope with crt defect broken filament
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Date: Tuesday, January 19, 2010, 4:31 PM

Is it possible to back fit a 7904 CRT and HVPS into a the 7104?

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> The 7104 has a very special CRT with an electrostatic lens and
> electron-multiplier (microchannel plate) behind the phosphor. The
> lens reduces the voltage swing required from the vertical amplifier,
> thus increasing the vertical system's bandwidth. So even if you could
> find a CRT that somehow fit into the mainframe, you would find that
> the vertical deflection would only cover a very very small portion of
> the screen. Sorry.

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