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You definitely need a manual set for this system. Timebase A not working
will be a serious problem since there is no sawtooth output from timebase B
and you definitely need it to make the L20 work.

90% of all scope problems are in the power supply so you should start there
by checking to see if you have -150, +100, +225, +350, and +500 within 2%
and regulating properly. The procedure for doing this is in the manual . .
. Once you know the power supplies are working, then you can proceed to the
rest of the scope. By the way, a plugin MUST be installed in the scope to
put the proper load on the power supplies to make them regulate. There was
a "Test Load Plugin" made by Tek for this very purpose but you don't really
have to have one of those to make the scope work. It just helps to make
sure it is working 100% correctly.

Also, I faintly recall that some modifications may need to be installed in
the 585 to make the sawtooth compatible with the L20 but this will require
some research on my part to be sure. No point in doing this until you get a
set of manuals and get the A sweep working again.

Another useful trouble-shooting technique is to locate someone with a known
good scope to test the L20 in separately. If it doesn't work in that one,
you probably have an L20 problem, too, however, don't overlook that this
other scope may need sawtooth out mods, too, for the L20 to work in it.

Good luck on this and ask again when you have verified the 585 power
supplies and have A sweep working. By the way, if the power supplies are
working and A sweep is not, it is very probably a bad tube in A sweep
somewhere . . .


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Hi everyone!

Thanks for all the advice so far. I've located the sawtooth
source on the 585, but got no signal from there. I put back
the original 82 plugin to test the 585 as a scope, and have
discovered that timebase A is not working, but that timebase B
however is.

Does anyone have suggestions for how I should begin debugging
timebase A?

Thanks again,

The Eternal Squire

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