Tek 502 CRT free for shipping

Ryan Scott

Hi Group,
I have a Tek 502 scope I picked up along with some other stuff that has been harvested for tubes, but also looks like a basket case, missing parts, etc...  So, it is going to the recycler after being stripped of useful parts.  I have kept the parts I need, but have no use for the CRT.  
This is one of those 'dual beam' scopes, which I am not familiar with.  I have pulled the CRT and figured I'd offer it here before sending it to landfill.  Apparently, it has 2 separate electron guns.
However, upon pulling it, I saw written on it in yellow "reject".  It looks complete, and the getter flash is still metallic so the vacuum is intact.  The numbers on the CRT are 008 P2 29 42.  The scope was never fired up while I had it.  Maybe it is bad, I don't know, but hate to toss it if it has any value to anyone here.
If anyone here on the group wants this, it's yours.  Just pay for shipping.  I am located in Vancouver, WA.  98685. 
Ryan, N7QJ

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