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Andrew Jonathan Fine <eternalsquire@...>

I did a few "idiot tests" on my setup, the most important one being to
check that all tubes were glowing in the L20, the 585, and the 81.
I was assured by the vendors of both the L20 and the 585 that they
were recently in good working order.

The only unknown quantity was the 81 Adapter, that was bought in
unknown condition. but those are much less expensive to replace.

I disconnected my boxes and found the switch on the back of the L20.
There is a selection of 100 V Sawtooth vs 150 V Sawtooth. I also found
a sweep input on the front of the L20. I assume that's where the sawtooth
goes. But where do I get the sawtooth from the 585?

Oh, my kingdom for some manuals!

The Eternal Squire.

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If I remember correctly, now this was back in the Mesozoic era,
you needed to connect a sweep signal to the L20 input. There was
a pin jack on the L20 that connected to the external sweep BNC on
the scope. On the back of the L20 was a slide switch that set the
sweep voltage. Since all that stuff is long gone, this is all from
a fuzzy memory.
Hope this helps,

73, Dick, W1KSZ

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Hi everyone!

I'd like to ask some advance on debugging a scope configuration.
I've put together a Tek 585, 81 Adapter, and L20, all tubes.
I'm getting a wierd readout on my CRT, and I would like to know
if anyone understands immediately what I am doing wrong based
on what I am describing:

There is a vertical fuzzy bar in the middle of the CRT.
On the upper and lower right hand side of the CRT I
am seeing "fluffy angels wings". The horizonal position
moves the fuzzy bar from left to right. I get this on
channel A only, I get no readout from channel B.

Injecting a signal into the main L20 input makes no difference.
The bar is still fuzzy even through I brought it into focus
as much as I could.

Does anyone have any advice as to how I might need to operate
different, or what area I should begin debugging?

Thanks in advance,

The Eternal Squire.

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