Re: 475/A not really ideal for audio, and some noise thoughts.

Robert Morein <morepub@...>

For audio, why not a 434?
It has 1 mv sensitivity.
With a sweep oscillator and the storage tube, you can get a nice graph of frequency response.
The scopes are cheap. Although speced at 25 mHz, they measure out to about 38 mHz.
They weigh 24 lbs, and were stated by Tek to be designed for rugged environments.

I think one has to really think twice about the "one scope fits all" idea.

Although this is a Tek scope group, I'd like to point out that there are other worthy scopes out there. I purchased a Leader LBO-518 at a Verizon auction for $55. It looked like a trashcan, but cleaned up nicely. Surprisingly, it was perfectly functional.
It's a 100 mHz scope with FOUR channels, dual time based, delayed sweep, and 1mv sensitivity.
Surprisingly, the scope does not appear to have a switching power supply, which is probably why it still works perfectly. Weight is under 20 lbs, and the knobs and feel are very familiar.

Sorry, Tek lovers. I couldn't help but mention it.

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