475 and 475A serial number vs production dates


Thanks to all who have helped with 7000 series configurations for my
Audio R&D. I will likely build up my second scope using some
combination of what has been suggested, but for now I need a portable
that will do "everything". It seems that a late model 475 or perhaps
a 475A might still be the best choice since I can't fit a scope cart
with a 7904 frame in the back of my Saturn station wagon and take it
to the recording studio to find the oscillations in the console.

I must say that the Tektronics S/N system, although it does make
sense (to the Tek folks) is tough to discern when you don't have the
magic decoder ring. The term "Part Number Rationalization effort" was
used a couple of times (disparagingly) in recent posts. What was that
effor and when did it happen? (And why didn't it get applied to the
scopes made in Holland?) :)

Does the same S/N scheme apply to to the later 475 and 475A scopes as
has been explained for the 7000 series?

So far I know for sure the following about both 475 and 475A scopes:
If the S/N begins with B it was made in Beaverton
If the S/N begins with 7 it was made in Holland
Bigger serial numbers have later production dates
One 1977 475 service manual states that it is for Serial Numbers
B250000 or higher.

Based on the discussions put forth so far re: 7000 series scopes, I
have concluded the following:
A 475 scope with a S/N lower than B250000 was built between 1973 and
A 475 scope with a S/N higher than B250000 was the beginning of a
major revision in 1977.
A 475 scope with the S/N B267390 is later than that and has a minor
revision step over the B25xxxx.
A 475 scope with the S/N B274639 is later yet and has another minor
revision step over the B26xxxx

A 475A scope with the S/N B012776 is near the beginning of the 1977
production run if S/B B010100 is the first scope produced.
A 475A scope with the S/N B025132 is later than 1977 and has a minor

This leaves the question of how to figure out the 475A scopes made in
Holland. I'm guessing that
S/N 711982 is near the beginning of the Holland production run,
especially since it has only a 6 digit S/N instead of 7.

So does anybody know how to figure out the 7711043 serial number.
What does the extra 7 mean?

I guess one way to figure this out is to visit the local surplus
house and look at date codes on the internal parts and relate that to
the serial numbers of the scopes.

If anyone can confirm my initial decoded production date vs s/n data,
or if you can further clarify this jumble please chime in!

Thanks to you all!


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