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eternalesquire <eternalsquire@...>

Hi everyone!

I'd like to ask some advance on debugging a scope configuration.
I've put together a Tek 585, 81 Adapter, and L20, all tubes.
I'm getting a wierd readout on my CRT, and I would like to know
if anyone understands immediately what I am doing wrong based
on what I am describing:

There is a vertical fuzzy bar in the middle of the CRT.
On the upper and lower right hand side of the CRT I
am seeing "fluffy angels wings". The horizonal position
moves the fuzzy bar from left to right. I get this on
channel A only, I get no readout from channel B.

Injecting a signal into the main L20 input makes no difference.
The bar is still fuzzy even through I brought it into focus
as much as I could.

Does anyone have any advice as to how I might need to operate
different, or what area I should begin debugging?

Thanks in advance,

The Eternal Squire.

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