VSWR tester

Denis Cobley <denis.cobley@...>

Hi all
Slightly off subject but there seems to be a good knowledge base on the group.
We have a Wiltron 97A50 VSWR Autotester to measure VSWR.
Only problem is we have no idea how to interpret the detected output back to VSWR.
Anyone have a manual or can give me info on how to convert the millivolt output to VSWR
At 100Mhz into an open circuit we get -22mVDC out, with a 50 ohm term we get 0VDC.
We need to know what this means in terms of VSWR (1.3:1 , 2:1 ??)
The cal report that we have with it gives us readings in Directivity >36dB but this is meaningless in terms of VSWR to us.

Denis Cobley

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