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Denis Cobley <denis.cobley@...>

Hi Sam
We use a Fluke 550A with option SC600.
This is a multifunction calibrator with capability to cal scopes up to
We also have a Datron/Wavetek/Fluke 9100 multifunction calibrator with the
250MHz scope cal option.
We are looking at a Fluke 9500B with 5 3.2Ghz heads but it only does scopes
and is NOT cheap but will do all channels without changing connectors (we
would run it fully automated with Metcal ).
If you want multifunction the 9100 outperforms the Fluke 5500A in several
Price may be the deciding factor - don't see them on Ebay very often.
Another cost to keep in mind is the cost to get the unit calibrated -
multifunction units with scope options cost almost double to get calibrated.
I would steer clear of the 5100 as it's very old and has no scope
functions - don't know the 4708.
Another low cost option for scope cal would be a Tek CG5011 (or similar
CG50XX) & an SG5030 in a TM5006 mainframe.
These you do see on Ebay and the prices are good (compared to the new price)
this would give you all the functionality to cal scopes to 500MHz and they
can be GPIB controlled so you could automate the system if needed.

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Subject: [TekScopes] calibration calibrator.

Guys, My company is planning to setup a in
house calibration Lab.We plan to buy a Standard
calibrator for doing in-house calibration specially
for our test equipment. we have chossen few calibrator
in mind and i would like to know is anyone have
experince using the calibrator before . Please share
and advice to me ,the information about the calibrator
The model is as below:

1) model manufacturer

2) 9100 WAVETEK

3) 5100 FLUKE

Thanks and Best Regrads,


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