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Hi Bob , I am in south London . I have a 564 storage scope and could be interested in plug-ins . I also have a 661 sampling scope (5T11A) as well as an interest in such things as 7S11 - 7T11(A) as I have 4 x 7844 ,2 X 7104 , 7854 and a 7834 . I am also interested in parts items at the right price .
Brian .

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Hello group, been following the complaints about old scopes etc being disintegrated for their valves. Whilst I fully agree, on the other hand what do you do with them?

I have just re-inherited all the old test equipment I gave to my dad, he has recently died. I just don't have room for it, I could use it but it is not exactly portable like a 466 or similar. I also have a pile of 560 scope stuff of my own, and that now never gets used.

I did try selling some items on e(xpensive)bay but mostly no interest at all. On the second attept I sold the General Radio 1932A distortion analyser in almost new condition.

I was interested in the link to audiotubes web site, and the prices the valves get. As far as I can see that is the only way to get a reasonable sum for the scopes. At least part of them lives on.

Similarly the Sphere web site gives an idea on the prices for newer spares, prehaps all these 7704s I have are also for the chop.

Any suggestions other than giving it away? scrap prices are better than that.


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