Re: Power cords

Miroslav Pokorni

The Belden is still around and kicking, possibly it sold off power cord
over-molding division to Volex.

For those who want to see the cable, it is shown on the page: One other
variation is same receptacle and stacking plug (as GR used to deliver on
units with attached cord): . The receptacle
is '108', so if you search for that there are few more variations.

Mouser is a piece of work. There is no Volex listed on line card but search
for 17461 produces Mouser part number 686-17461, surprisingly correct part.


Miroslav Pokorni

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I have discovered that Volex (formerly Belden) makes a 10 ft, 16-ga. SJ
"Special Use Detachable Power Cord" (UL listed for that purpose only) with
the correct small-diameter female end to fit the recessed plugs on our Tek
equipment. It's their p/n 17461 and Mouser Electronics sells them for
each. No trimming or hacking needed and they look identical to original.

I have emailed Volex and asked if they can make 3 and 6 foot versions for
use on the scope cart or when 10 feet is unneeded.

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