Re: 7904 Mainframe production dates

Miroslav Pokorni

Hello Fred,

When you expressed doubt that Tektronix built over a quarter million 7904, I
did agree, but did not think it was worth commenting. Now that Craig asked a
question about 7A21 (a direct access unit), I went and looked at my copy of
plug-in. The serial number was in 40000. That is really hard to believe. A
direct access unit did not have so much applications that 40000 units could
have been stamped out. I think that was time when reason departed Beaverton
and scheming got into swing, 'to confuse competition' or to retain job of
the guy who was dreaming up schemes.


Miroslav Pokorni

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Jeff, the only one I can address at the moment is the early 7904. It
would be reasonable to assume that early production exceeded the 250k
point, hence the restart at 260k rather than 250. Mine is a "late
early", at B2464xx. That said, I still would find it difficult to
comprehend that Tek built over a quarter-million 7904s!

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