Re: 475A serial numbers

Miroslav Pokorni

The 'B' definitely stands for Beaverton. Numbers without letter prefix are
generally Guernsey units, but numbers starting with '7' are most likely
Dutch one. The shorter number is probably an earlier model, before 'Part
Number Rationalization' effort.


Miroslav Pokorni

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Subject: [TekScopes] 475A serial numbers

I have been shopping for a 475A scope on ebay. I am trying to find a
late model in pristine condition. My research so far seems to
indicate that one can get the most scope per buck with a 475A
(They are generally less than $300, often less than $200 even with
DM44 and still in calibration).

I was originally thinking of buying a 24xx type, but the hybrid
failure problems make it seem dangerous. I am presently without a
full-time gig and can't afford to spend money on the wrong scope.

Serial Numbers of 475A scopes that look interesting are:
B012776 ("B" stands for Beaverton factory?)
B025132 (obviously made at a later date)
711982 (note fewer numbers in s/n -- no "B")
7711043 (more numbers, no "B")

Can anyone help me decode the serial numbers and give me a clue what
they mean? Those who have noted the date codes of internal parts in
their 475A's and correlated them to S/N might help me figure out
roughly when they were built.

Also, are there any warnings of S/N's to avoid on these 475A scopes?


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