Re: tek 7904A...


On Tuesday 22 December 2009 2:43:05 am d.seiter@... wrote:
My 7904 (non-A) has no fan. The non-A's appear to have a picky power
supply; my non-A is in tick mode(which has been resisting repair... and my
-A is behaving nicely :-))
Does anyone have any advice on the "picky power supply" issue? My power supply
seems to be within spec. The plug-ins I'm using work fine on a 7514 and a
7704A. But on the 7904, if I try to use a full complement of four plug-ins
things usually get flaky (readout becomes garbled on some plug-ins, the 7D14
counter stops working, etc.). It works with three plug-ins, but does "tic" a
couple of times at start up.

I've been considering recapping the regulated supplies to see if that helps.


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