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Hello group, been following the complaints about old scopes etc being disintegrated for their valves. Whilst I fully agree, on the other hand what do you do with them?

I have just re-inherited all the old test equipment I gave to my dad, he has recently died. I just don't have room for it, I could use it but it is not exactly portable like a 466 or similar. I also have a pile of 560 scope stuff of my own, and that now never gets used.

I did try selling some items on e(xpensive)bay but mostly no interest at all. On the second attept I sold the General Radio 1932A distortion analyser in almost new condition.

I was interested in the link to audiotubes web site, and the prices the valves get. As far as I can see that is the only way to get a reasonable sum for the scopes. At least part of them lives on.

Similarly the Sphere web site gives an idea on the prices for newer spares, prehaps all these 7704s I have are also for the chop.

Any suggestions other than giving it away? scrap prices are better than that.


Hello group, thanks for the replies. Firt thing, I am in the UK which limits posting stuff around.

At the moment I am looking at a 547, 585A (sure it is an A, can't see the front at the moment) and a 545A (I think, again). To come is a Solartron CD1212, Cossor 339 and anything else that comes out from under the bench, behind the bed, everywhere!

All of it did work, but Dad not used it really for a few years, was 97 when he died so a possible excuse there. I know the Solartron is missing its output valves, E55Ls, used in the Tek 560 amps which I have. There is also a 1S1 and 1L10, both were working but not used for years.

I also have a CRT (154-0448-00) and 11B2A (x2) and 10A2A for a 647. A 5T11A from a 661 and a HP 186A switching time tester, I am still waiting to get a 185A scope for it after 20 years.

The 7000 scopes and plug ins are items collected from government sales. I used to have a thriving electronics design business, legislated out of existance, then started selling on expensivebay. That is rubbish now, so have lots of stock. All needs testing, most never powered up, selling untested stuff is pointless, even if it is just the CRT or the custom chips. I have several 7704As, several R7704s and several storage types like 7313, 7813 and 7623 etc. Also 100 or so plug ins, mostly 7A18, 7B80, 7A26 type of thing, also some 7S11 and 7T11A sampling and one 7CT1N.

I am trying to sort my web site out to list all this, but not my favourite job.


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